Welsh Festival of Land Rovers


Just to give you an update on the show. Passes and tickets will be
handed out on arrival at the showground. When you arrive can you please
make your way to the green coloured Public Vehicle Entrance which is
located at the BOTTOM CENTRE of the map on the A470. There will be
members of SWLRC to greet you there at our WFOLR Ticket Registration
point where you will be given your tickets. For the people who do not
have public liability insurance and wish to pay the £5.00 to be added
to SWLRC public liability insurance for the weekend, you can pay at the
Ticket Registration point when you collect your tickets.

Below is amap of the showground.  Our display is in the purple ‘Vintage’ area No.19 (large triangular section and the two areas facing it).  The map
also shows where the two separate camping and caravan/motorhome areas
are in the lower showground.  Bring your vehicle round to the display
via the Livestock Entrance (left hand side of the map) once you have
 left your tent/caravan/motorhome in the relevant area.  

For thosearriving on Saturday morning can you please ensure you leave enough time to deposit your caravan/tent/motorhome before proceeding to the display  area where all display vehicles must be on the stand by 8.00am.  

Further information and guidance about the show itself
can be found on the RWAS website General Information page 
http://www.rwas.wales/general-information-3/ [4].

We look forward to seeing you on the weekend!

 Kind regards