No, it is a Land Rover display held within the confines of the Royal Welsh Smallholding & Countryside Festival which is organised by the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society (RWAS). RWAS have asked South Wales LRC to organise the Land Rover display section only.
Land Rovers and Range Rovers, Defenders, Discoveries, Freelanders etc. (basically anything they made) of good quality and visual appeal. We are promoting responsible Greenlaning and family friendly values. If your vehicle is primarily a beat up Land Rover used to destroy the countryside then this event probably isn’t for you.
Like many similar events we expect a number of people to have to drop out and therefore the number of permitted registrations is slightly more than we have space for. We expect to invoke our selection committee who will consider the relevance of the vehicle to the show before approving the booking. We will endeavour to let people know as soon as possible after they have registered an interest that they have secured a place on the event This will be no later than the closing date of 1st April
Each display vehicle gets free entry and free camping. The driver plus one passenger also gets free entry to the whole show. Additional passengers must pay for entry as if they were regular visitors to the showground. Non-display vehicles will need to park in the public car parking area at the bottom end of the showground.
If you live out of the back of your display vehicle, overland trailer or small 2-man tent we will make best efforts to accommodate you on the stand. Caravans, motorhomes or large family tents have to go to the campsite as there simply isn’t the space to squeeze them on the stand itself.
The campsite is on the Showground a few hundred yards away from the actual stand. After show close (7pm Saturday) you can if you so wish move vehicles back to the campsite but they must be back on the stand by 0800 on both days. RWAS do provide site security and the stand is secure. Toilet and washing facilities are available across the showground.
At the Royal Welsh Showground, Llanelwedd, LD23SY. on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21th May. Here is a Google Maps link https://goo.gl/maps/b4dAJ1sDXkG2
Dogs are allowed on leads but some buildings within the Show are restricted due to livestock being present.
Trading is not allowed on our display. For trading enquiries near the display please contact RWAS directly or the Traders Application pack can be downloaded from their site here http://www.rwas.wales/trade-stands/ if your vehicke has trade contact details on it which you can't remove please don't be surprised if we position you in a non prominent place so we don't upset the RWAS
No but each vehicle must be registered separately.
It is a condition of entry that all exhibitors hold current public liability insurance and have a copy available for inspection during the event. If you are unsure then SWLRC will insure you for the weekend by becoming a temporary member for £5. Please indicate your preference on the form.
Exhibitors can arrive between 12:00-21:00 on the Friday before. If you plan to arrive on Saturday you must be on the display by 08:00. Vehicles cannot be removed before 19:00 on Saturday and 17:00 on Sunday for public safety reasons
We are asking the minimum level of information that we feel taht we need to safely administer this event, We take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your attendance at this event. It will only be available to those members of SWLRC who are working on the event and we will not pass on or automatically process your information. If you have any concern about the information you have provided please contact the organizers to have your information updates or deleted. In such an event we may not be able to have you join us at the event because we believe we need a record of who is responsible for each vehicle that is on the display
The overall Covid rules for the show will be whatever RWAS and the Welsh Government have in place at the time. Our Risk assessment is that this is of course an open air event and therefore a very low risk event, but we do know that people do like to look into and even climb into vehicles. This is fully at the owners discretion as to whether you permit it or not. Should you choose not to permit that you will be fully supported by the organizers You are responsible to bring your own masks/cleaning materials (althought we expect a lot to be on sale should you forget). We will endevaour to help out with any further problems