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Is this an all makes car event

No, it Land Rover made vehicles only. Anything from Series 1’s to the new defender is welcome including Discovery, Freelander, Range Rover and any hybrids made from such. However as this is a farmer friendly and public event we can only accept road legal type vehicles as highly modified dedicated off roaders can raise concerns to some land owners even if you do use them properly

Exactly when and where is it

It’s at the Royal Wlesh Showground Llanelwedd, Builth Wells LD2 3SY and it is open to the public on the 20th and 21st of May.

Exhibitors may arrive any time after 12 noon on the Friday and are encouraged to do so and stay for the weekend because it’s great social event and it’s a a lot easier to stay than moving your vehicle which would need to be in place before 8 am saturday and Sunday mornings and is not alowed to move offsite until after 7pm on saturday night or 5pm Sunday

What’s the cost to attend as a display or as the public

As a display vehicle you get 2 adults and Children in free, as a member of the public see for the pricing and to purchase tickets

Can I camp with my vehicle and camping rules

We have to comply with the rules of the site which means only small tents near vehicles, Large tents and caravans will be in a designated camping area which may or may not be close to the vehicles depending on where RWAS decide is suitable given their other attendees.

Campfires are not permitted and BBQ’s have to be a commercially built off the ground type not the disposable ones. They must not be used close to tents, caravans or vehicles

What about 3rd party and public liability insurance

Regarding 3rd Party Public Liability insurance. Anyone driving a vehicle to the event needs to ensure that they are fully insured.

SWLRC as a club have public liability insurance for club events and it covers club members. if you are not a member of a club that also has public liability insurance for events and you do not have such cover yourself then you can purchase a temporary membership of SWLRC for £5.00 for the duration of your stay

Is there Security in place

The Royal Welsh have security and marshalls in place during the whole event with gates closed overnight. If you need help and we cannot help you then please go to these people.

When will I know I have a confirmed place

This will be done as soon as possible after your registration. The entries are manually reviewed and we aim to be back to you within one week

What about tickets and when can I arrive

Tiickets have often arrived too late for us to distribute (we hope not this year) in which case you will have a confirmation email and SWLRC team members will meet you on the date

You can arrive any time from 12 noon to late on Friday, if you are coming in on saturday or Sunday your vehicle has to be in place before 8:00 so we do not have vehicle movements once the public have been granted entry

When can I move my vehicle

We hope to have ring displays on both Saturday and Sunday (this is sublect to RWAS confirmation on their other events). Movement of vehicles into the ring and out will be strictly at walking pace and guided by the SWLRC marshalls

Movements off site on Saturday (after 20:00) and Sunday (after 17:00) OR when RWAS permit it