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Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are pretty simple

The website is about the display event and we share updates and information about the event

The event is held as part of the Royal Welsh Spring fair and they have final say on everthing we do at the event

You are responsible for the safe condition of your vehicle to be on display and have appropriate Public Liability insurance which you may be asked to show. if you don’t have public liability then temporart membership of SWLRC is available for the duration of the event at £5.00

You are responsible for the good behaviour of you and your party. Should the organizers or the event hosts (RWAS) determine that there has been inappropriate behavior then you will be told to leave. The organizers decision is final

Should you decide to register then our privacy policy is that your information will be used by the organizers (South Wales Land Rover Club) and for the purposes of running the show only. Your information will not be shared with other organizations (including the Royal Welsh unless they handle postage of tickets which has not happend at previous shows, but is a techincal possibility). By submiting a reques for a place you have granted us a legitimate reason for the processing of the limited amout of private information that we have required which we have determined to be the minimum we can ask in order to process requests

You are reponsible for ensuring that your vehicle and any camping equipment complies with the rules as set forth in the FAQ